2012 : The statements.

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time.  I've had some personal defeats to work through and between that and trying to start a new life in a new city,  its left little time to blog!
I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and new year all the same!
I thought I'd put together three fashion ideas that made a huge impact in 2012
as far as my wardrobe goes!  I'd love to hear three key items that made your year too. :)

3. Crosses

I can't atually believe that this is all the items I can cook up after a year full of crosses!
I'll admit, I could have drowned myself in cross necklaces at some point in 2012, but as always ( much like everyone) I lost nearly all of them.
Have you ever seen more of a hipster symbol?  Naahhh....
2000 and 12 was definately the year of the Hipster. Ahem.

2. Studs

There was actually a point where I would stick studs on literaly everything.
I'm sure you will agree if you live in the UK.  Even River Island provided us with easy stick on studs you could attach to anything! So yes, big studs, small studs, all kinds of studs everywhere please.
I'm actually surprised the trend has lasted so long.
I wonder when studs will become old news?
Wearing my spike heels.

1. Sweaters

I'm sure you're hardly surprised. If you've followed me for enough time, you'll know how obsessed I can be with knitwear and sweaters. This picture isn't even a snippet of what my sweater collecetion is actually like! I LOOOOVE JUMPERS :_)
I could cry. I could actually cry.
It's the only reason why I want winter to stay!
This is one of my favourites. Not only because it's an obvious sweater, but because it's tie dye too - another trend that made a comeback in 2012! I did go a little silly with tie dye. I hope it is here to stay for 2013 :)
I would love to hear what your top three are for 2012!
I also have a give away coming up shortly so keep watching! :)
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Have a nice day :)

Peppermint Sweater

Do you guys remember when Lana Del Ray helped us (H&M) with a campaign at the beginning of winter? It was a great campaign and lots of the garments she wore in the shoots sold out within days at our store. However, there are a few items left that have no been added into the sale!
And it's a huge sale too, so if you're out and about and happen to cross us, come inside!
Most items have been discounted and if you're a big fan of sweaters and trousers, you'll definately find something for you! We recently has a trouser campaign so we're not short of them if it's what you're looking for!

SWEATER H&M £29.99 £15.

The Outfit

Keeping to a pastel acid feel, I decided to team this sweater and jeans
with comfy Adidas trainers to tone down the look. What shoes would you team it with?
 Lana Del Ray modeling the peppermint sweater and other garments from H&M this winter.

A shoot; pt Two

So here are a few more shots from the other day with Ed Firminger.
Seems like we were glamourising smoking but we were looking for the effect the smoke can make more than anything.
You can see more of Eds work here:


H&M Christmas Outfit.

Working at H&M means I get to spot little bargains and work with outfits long before the actual event.
I've picked this outfit out throughout the last few weeks for tonight Christmas Party. I wanted something that wasn't too flashy and something that definitely wasn't too sparkley. I can see it now, a little less than 18 or so girls, dressed head to toe in sequins for the festive event.
Not really me. I'd like to dress so I can look someone in the face without looking like a shining Christmas decoration.
I went with a colour I thought made a huge impact this year. That being maroon. The skirt itself is a beautiful texture and the style dates back to something out of the 50's. ( I just need a lovely boy to swing me over his shoulder and I can really show it off).
In fear that I may have put a plain outfit together, H&M have some new statement jewelry in store and I have chosen an ice stud and sparkle piece. (Excuse me for such a terrible picture!) This is a fierce and alternative piece to team with an elegant skirt.
The shoes arnt from H&M but from Missguided, my other fashion love. The wooden heel adds contrast and height ( I'm 5'2, I need it!) and I just think it goes well and compliments the maroon. I'm aware this outfit defeats the Christmas spirit, what with all the sparkle and stuff, but I was looking for an outfit that is timeless and can wear again and again!

I'll be posting LookBook photos of this outfit soon, come back! H&M NECKLACE £9.99 TOP £6.99 SKIRT £12.99 SHOES £35

Made in Chelsea

So for any British bloggers out there, you've probably heard of the reality show Made In Chelsea.
Well last night we met the very adorable Francis who I LOVE so much. The terrible thing being, is that I probably shouldn't have drunk so much that I can't remember what I actually said to him. I do remember giving him a big kiss though.....

Top 5 Winter Sweaters by She Inside

Beautiful cute owl print sweater you can also get in deep red.
Everyone loves an owl print and I think this is a super cute sweater to hang out with friends in.

I've seen this style print on a few garments in the last few months.
Although the tinted windows and the figures suggest a highly religious feel, it does remind me of Beauty and the Beast, which always works well for me :) ha!

Leather and sweaters are my two favourite fashion statements.
So when I saw this top I was in love. Not to mention the studs! Yupp...just died and gone to fashion heaven...brb.

If you need to be told who this little character is, you must go away and do some soul searching.
Enough said.

Beautiful coffee colour suitable for fall/winter. Team with leather leggings and a messy bun and you have a winner :)

A Shoot; Part One

So as I said, I had a shoot with the lovely Ed Firminger last night. It's always good fun and I thought I'd share a few with you. :) There is more but I won't be uploading till tonight. Make sure to check him out on Flickr and say hi!

Lion Tee from Miss Rebel.

Ed Firminger