Top 5 Winter Sweaters by She Inside

Beautiful cute owl print sweater you can also get in deep red.
Everyone loves an owl print and I think this is a super cute sweater to hang out with friends in.

I've seen this style print on a few garments in the last few months.
Although the tinted windows and the figures suggest a highly religious feel, it does remind me of Beauty and the Beast, which always works well for me :) ha!

Leather and sweaters are my two favourite fashion statements.
So when I saw this top I was in love. Not to mention the studs! Yupp...just died and gone to fashion heaven...brb.

If you need to be told who this little character is, you must go away and do some soul searching.
Enough said.

Beautiful coffee colour suitable for fall/winter. Team with leather leggings and a messy bun and you have a winner :)


  1. oh...they look so warm n comfy :)
    thanks for visiting my blog :)
    n sure ill follow following follow back :)

  2. Very cool, the first one is my fav! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  3. Beautiful selection!

    Many kisses,


  4. Love the last jumper, how cosy and comfy does that bad boy look! The Bart one is also amazing. xo

  5. love all of them, especially the first one! xx


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