H&M Christmas Outfit.

Working at H&M means I get to spot little bargains and work with outfits long before the actual event.
I've picked this outfit out throughout the last few weeks for tonight Christmas Party. I wanted something that wasn't too flashy and something that definitely wasn't too sparkley. I can see it now, a little less than 18 or so girls, dressed head to toe in sequins for the festive event.
Not really me. I'd like to dress so I can look someone in the face without looking like a shining Christmas decoration.
I went with a colour I thought made a huge impact this year. That being maroon. The skirt itself is a beautiful texture and the style dates back to something out of the 50's. ( I just need a lovely boy to swing me over his shoulder and I can really show it off).
In fear that I may have put a plain outfit together, H&M have some new statement jewelry in store and I have chosen an ice stud and sparkle piece. (Excuse me for such a terrible picture!) This is a fierce and alternative piece to team with an elegant skirt.
The shoes arnt from H&M but from Missguided, my other fashion love. The wooden heel adds contrast and height ( I'm 5'2, I need it!) and I just think it goes well and compliments the maroon. I'm aware this outfit defeats the Christmas spirit, what with all the sparkle and stuff, but I was looking for an outfit that is timeless and can wear again and again!

I'll be posting LookBook photos of this outfit soon, come back! H&M NECKLACE £9.99 TOP £6.99 SKIRT £12.99 SHOES £35


  1. Great selection!
    Epecially your boots and your necklace :)

    - Stéphanie T.

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  3. I love that necklace - it's amazing!

  4. Great outfit!! I love it!

    Kisses, Basty


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    Following you <3

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  6. I love the shoes and the whole outfit!


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