Return of the Rucksack

So I was delighted to find that the rucksack has made a perfectly
 brilliant return to fashion this season. I've always been a sucker for a good rucksack so I wasobviously thrilled at the news!
 The rucksack has always been around for me.
Back in high school when Mum got me the biggest rucksack to carry, despite how small I was.
 I always remember looking around the playground and seeing other children my age, just starting out, with the biggest ruck you'd ever seen, filled with stuff you'd never use. A small gesture from your mum,
 who was proud of the little big person you've grown up to be.
And then there was college.
 Back in the time of rebelious music and fashion statements that I look back at through my shameful hands. I'd cover it with whatever I could. Badges, favourite bands, grafetti and lyrics.
It was all about being a non conformist, when really looking back, we were all the same.

Which brings me to 2012.
I still love to wear things too big and I still love the odd scribble on a piece.
But this time it's a little maturer.
I too love dainty things. I'm not forcing myself into one style, like back in college.
I embrace all of it.

This is my first rucksack since then.
Primark - £12.
Small price, another era.