Manchester Christmas Market

So every year, Mancheter host a magical German Christmas Market in the city center for everyone to enjoy. You can find stalls full of german food, swedish and italian, clothes from Nepal and France, coffee with anything from amaretto to rum in and of course lovely butterbeer in the german beer huts.

It seriously is the best cultural and festive Chirstmas experience you can find in North West England.
Open for one month untill Christmas Eve.
You can even find Afflex in this years Xmas Market which can be found in the town hall.

Whilst you are visiting, why not stop by at the John Rylands Library.
They are celebrating 50 years of Clockwork Orange and if you're a fan of the film/book then you must go!
It has original scripts, aswell as unforgettable props in the film!
It also has a brilliant gem from the past; What the Dickens. 
This includes an insight to dickens and also some handwritten personal letters from the man himself.
 It won't be there for long so make sure you go get involved!
( sorry about the terrible quality of the photographs!)
 A very recognisable and famous prop from the film ' Clockwork Orange'.

Part of the original script from the film. Scribblings from the director.

Apart from this, the library itself is a magical building with so many beautiful gallaries that are open to the public. It's gothic feel takes you right back to the olden days and it's breath taking architecture will leave you gawping. It's absolutely beautiful.


Such a lovely day in Manchester!


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