How long does Benefit Make up last?


So back In June, I became part of the Benefit family when I bought a few products.
These were:
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow
Boi-ing Benefit Concealer

Now for anyone who has bought Benefit when on a low income, it can burst a nice big beautiful hole in your pocket. At around £25 for each, it can be a bit more expensive that your normal products.
This then makes you weary not to use it all straight away. So I did what any girl would do and tried to use it for important events only. Which tbh, weren't many.
So then I decided, ok, you can maybe go a little easier on yourself. What about every other day?
And then, I stopped caring and just went for it, ha.
So here are mine.:

So these were bought in June. It's now December and I have a little less than half from the foundation. The concealer is a little less, but for your money, I wasn't sure how much you got as the packaging can be deceaving. To say I've been using them religiously for a few months, it's not that bad at all!
I'm not a fan of caking myself in make up though, that has to be said.
And there have been various Rimmel Foundations making an appearance throughout the months.
I do believe that you have a skin type. And that skin type doesn't define you. Every other day I have a different skin type, not just one. I suffer from excema, so for one day I need something for dry, sensitive skin and on other days when I'm not so bad, I just need something that covers.
So I do range from one to another, which also needs to be taken into account.
This concealer is AMAZING. I was told by the Benefit sales assistant that applying concealer first is always good, then your foundation, and then a second coat of concealer on top.
I follow this pretty much everytime I use Boi-ing and it's only now starting to wear away.
When buying this, I thought the packaging was a little deeper. You can never tell how much you're actually getting. Unfortunately, you get a few layers of this before you hit the bottom.
I would buy this again, but I might need to wait for a few pay days.
I'm currently using Rimmel, alongside Benefit. As a product they are AMAZING value. They are brilliant and do exactly what they say, whilst maintaining a fun and vibrant look.
Three cheers for Benefit ;) x